Wednesday, 30 May 2007



As mentioned in the column to the right, auctioneering is one of the passions of my life. I love everything to do it – attending sales, listening to auctioneers, reading and collecting books about the subject, studying the history of the auction etc., but most of all I love to conduct auctions. When things are going well, it is a high like no other!

I conducted my first auction over thirty years ago and before that I organised auctions. There isn’t a single job in an auctionrooms that I have not done. As a matter of fact, I once ran a whole auction by myself. The staff forgot to turn up! I have always said that auctioneering is like showbusiness – ‘The show must go on’ - so I did the auctioneering as well as the clerk’s, porter’s and cashier’s jobs.

I have officiated in over 2,000 auctions over the last thirty years, starting in Ireland and now in London. I also love doing charity auctions.

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