Saturday, 19 December 2009

Dickens toothpick fetches $9,000 in New York auction

An ivory and gold toothpick once owned by Charles Dickens has sold at auction in New York City for $9,150 (£5,625).

The item is engraved with the author's initials. It was sold by heirs to the Barnes and Noble family.

The pre-sale estimate was $3,000 to $5,000. The auctioneer, Bonhams, said the buyer did not want to be named.

An authentication letter from Dickens's sister-in-law says the author of Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol used the toothpick up to his death in 1870.

The author, also known by the pen-name of Boz, created some of the most memorable fictional characters of all time.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Stephen Fry's Kingdom props for auction

From bundles of fake £50 notes to the sign which once hung above The Startled Duck pub, costumes, props and memorabilia seen in the hit Sunday night TV drama Kingdom are set to go under the hammer at a Norfolk auction room later this month.

Two auctions at Watton Sale Rooms will see hundreds of lots from the axed ITV show sold to the highest bidder.

Despite rumours earlier this year that a fourth series was in the offing, the show, which was filmed in Norfolk, was cancelled in October and now production company Parallel films is selling off a warehouse full of Kingdom goodies.

In the first sale, which will take place next Tuesday, furniture, outside props and set d├ęcor will go under the hammer and then a week later, on December 22, costumes, signs and other memorabilia will be auctioned off.

Auctioneer Stephen Roberts said: “There are thousands of items.

“There is furniture, signs, including road signs for Market Shipborough, Fakenheath and the A147, and no end of stuff that is in boxes including the boxed up possessions of each character.”

In one of the desks staff at the saleroom found a framed photo of Celia Imrie, who played Gloria, and the boy who played her son.

“When you look at the amount of things it makes you realise the attention to detail that went into making the series,” added Mr Roberts.

The memorabilia will be auctioned off along with other items which have come into the sale rooms and though many of the Kingdom pieces only have value as bits of furniture others, such as The Startled Duck sign, could fetch considerably more if serious collectors enter the bidding.

Mr Roberts continued: “It is impossible to say what things will go for.

“It is like everything else that comes up at auction - it is worth what somebody is prepared to pay for it.

“If we have some people who are fans then things will make money.”

Star items in the auction are expected to include Peter Kingdom's desk, the Startled Duck sign and the wooden duck which sat on the pub bar.

There could also be stiff competition for some of the Market Shipborough road signs.

During its three season run Kingdom regularly attracted upwards of five million viewers who were eager to catch up with the latest mysteries and exploits of the Norfolk solicitor and his eccentric family, strange clients and hapless colleagues.

The show has also been screened in America, Australia and in several other European countries.

As well as Stephen Fry, who played Peter Kingdom, the show also starred Celia Imrie as Gloria Millington, Tony Slattery as Sidney Snell and Karl Davies as Lyle Anderson.

For Norfolk champion Mr Fry, who has a home near Swaffham, starring in Kingdom was a dream job.

He was the one who broke the news of the show's cancellation on his Twitter micro-blog back in October.

At the time he said: “Our masters at ITV have decided there shan't be a fourth series of the television drama Kingdom.

“I am sorry because it was such a pleasure making them in my beloved Norfolk.

“The cast of local people who cheerfully subjected themselves to the indignities of a background artist's day will all be missed and their memories cherished.”

ITV later confirmed the move. In a statement it said: “Kingdom has performed well for us over the last three years but we will not be developing any further episodes.

“As has always been the case we are constantly looking at ways to refresh the mix of drama on ITV1 to ensure that we get the balance right between both old and new titles.”

The first auction takes place on December 15 at Watton Sale Rooms, off Norwich Road, and begins at 10am. The second will take place on December 22. Items will be available for view the day before. For more information call 01953 885676.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Tony Benn's tea cosy sells at auction.

The Animal Aid auction on Sunday was great. here are some of the results.

1. Giant Montezuma dark chocolate tree donated by Veganstore £20

2. Signed book, “Barcelona Plates”, written by Alexei Sayle plus a signed photo £14

3. Signed photo of Russell Brand £10

4. Voucher for a high quality, ethically produced portrait of your pets and family. Donated by Sarah Moynihan £40

5. Signed photo of X Factor presenter, Dermot O’Leary £8

6. Photo of Arsenal FC first team plus a signed pennant and certificate of authentication £105

7. Signed photo of David Tennant as Dr Who £30

8. Signed Kylie Minogue CD, “Boombox” plus certificate of authentication £40

9. Voucher donated by Redwoods Foods. £35

10. Tony Benn’s very own teacosy! £47

11. Voucher for a pair of shoes donated by Vegetarian Shoes. £65

12. Signed photo’s of Adam Croasdell and Marc Elliott as Dr Jenkins and Syed Masood from EastEnders £15

13. Shirt worn by actress Helen Worth, who plays Gail Platt in Coronation Street. She wore this shirt in a scene in Corrie. Includes certificate of authentication £10

14. Signed photo of Manic Street Preachers plus rare signed EP, “God Save The Manics”. The mother of bass player Nicky, donated this item to Animal Aid. £75

15. Signed photo of Steven Gerrard who plays for Liverpool FC and the England National Team £25

16. Fake leather dog coat from Pete Townshend. The coat was owned by Pete and was made for him by a fan. £55

17. Signed photo of Rebecca Addlington - 2008 Olympic gold medallist. She is the first British swimmer to win a gold medal in 100 years. £5

18. Signed photo of Joanna Lumley as Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous £38

19. Laser signed photo of the cast of Coronation Street £97

20. Case of vegan wine donated by Vinceremos £85

21. £50 voucher donated by Ethical Wares £35

22. Vintage Animal Aid campaign T-shirt signed by A.T. £12

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Raphael drawing sells for £29.2M in London auction


LONDON — Auctioneer Christie's says a drawing by Raphael has sold for about 29.2 million pounds ($47.5 million).

Christie's says the Italian virtuoso's work has won one of the highest prices ever paid for an Old Master at auction.

A portrait by Dutch master Rembrandt also fetched a high price, selling for 20 million pounds ($32.7 million).

The auctioneer said the works were sold Tuesday as part of its Old Masters and 19th century art sale in London.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Auction at Christmas without Cruelty Fayre

CHRISTMAS WITHOUT CRUELTY FAYRE takes place this coming Sunday Nov. 6th.10am-5pm.

Venue, Kensington Town Hall, just yards away from High Street Kensington Tube.

As usual, I will be running the Green Party/Green Room stall. I will also be conducting the Auction at 2.30pm.

Our stall is downstairs outside the creche.

Hope to meet loads of you there. If you haven't been there before, it really is a wonderful event.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

*£8 for empty plastic bag at auction

The auction on Saturday was a great success.

Adams & Smith Auctioneers (alias artists Hollington & Kyprianou)put on a very professional production. About 50 people attended. I was introduced after a rousing rendition of all six verses of The Internationale.

Among the prices realised:

Packet of anadins......£5.50.

A used golf ball.......£40. This allowed me a rant about the iniquities of Donald Trump's vandalism in Scotland and 'Scottish Clearances'

Bottle of water........£4. The greatest con of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Empty plastic bag......£8. Allowed me to give a quick briefing on these environmental terrors and mention my GLA paper 'Plastic not Fantastic'

Banking counter pen and holder......£48. Made the point that while people were expected to trust the banks, the banks didn't even trust their customers with a plastic pen!!

Several hundred pounds was raised to help send protestors to Copenhagen.

The whole event was filmed and will be available in the near future.

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