Friday, 11 December 2009

Tony Benn's tea cosy sells at auction.

The Animal Aid auction on Sunday was great. here are some of the results.

1. Giant Montezuma dark chocolate tree donated by Veganstore £20

2. Signed book, “Barcelona Plates”, written by Alexei Sayle plus a signed photo £14

3. Signed photo of Russell Brand £10

4. Voucher for a high quality, ethically produced portrait of your pets and family. Donated by Sarah Moynihan £40

5. Signed photo of X Factor presenter, Dermot O’Leary £8

6. Photo of Arsenal FC first team plus a signed pennant and certificate of authentication £105

7. Signed photo of David Tennant as Dr Who £30

8. Signed Kylie Minogue CD, “Boombox” plus certificate of authentication £40

9. Voucher donated by Redwoods Foods. £35

10. Tony Benn’s very own teacosy! £47

11. Voucher for a pair of shoes donated by Vegetarian Shoes. £65

12. Signed photo’s of Adam Croasdell and Marc Elliott as Dr Jenkins and Syed Masood from EastEnders £15

13. Shirt worn by actress Helen Worth, who plays Gail Platt in Coronation Street. She wore this shirt in a scene in Corrie. Includes certificate of authentication £10

14. Signed photo of Manic Street Preachers plus rare signed EP, “God Save The Manics”. The mother of bass player Nicky, donated this item to Animal Aid. £75

15. Signed photo of Steven Gerrard who plays for Liverpool FC and the England National Team £25

16. Fake leather dog coat from Pete Townshend. The coat was owned by Pete and was made for him by a fan. £55

17. Signed photo of Rebecca Addlington - 2008 Olympic gold medallist. She is the first British swimmer to win a gold medal in 100 years. £5

18. Signed photo of Joanna Lumley as Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous £38

19. Laser signed photo of the cast of Coronation Street £97

20. Case of vegan wine donated by Vinceremos £85

21. £50 voucher donated by Ethical Wares £35

22. Vintage Animal Aid campaign T-shirt signed by A.T. £12

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