Wednesday, 8 August 2007

East Peckham Auction.

I conducted my favourite auction on Sunday.

South Eastern Auctions are only in existence for less than a year, but it is coming on in leaps and bounds. It is a friendly and well run event with a huge variety of lots. This time there were 930 lots which I completed without a break.

In no particular order here is a random selection of the results:

Set brand new golf clubs £8. Masonic wristwatch £25. Swiss pocket watch £360. Heavy gold pendant & chain £180. Diamond ring £25. Talking wristwatch £22. Chanel sunglasses £100. Harrods teddy bear £10. Stromatolite fossil £12. ‘History of Kent County Cricket’ £50. Joseph Vautin violin £500. Baritone Horn £25. Mandola mandolin £110. Viola £45. Alto Sax £45. Old gramophone £20. Victorian pine corner cabinet £18. Kurdish runner £35. Georgian Pembroke table £60. Japanese hardwood stage cabinet £370. French walnut salon jardinière £400. Pair Victorian brass candlesticks £5. Four Ostrich eggs £18.

Next auction is on Sunday September 9th. starting at 11am.
You can see their website at


Dot Hall of Australia said...

As a researcher, I was fascinated to read a reference on the East Peckham Auction website (presumably in England?) to a violin which sold for five hundred pounds and mentioning a Joseph VAUTIN. It was posted in August 2007 by Noel Lynch but unfortunately, the link shown on the web page did not work.

Can anyone please tell me about Joseph VAUTIN and what connection he had with violins? Also, can someone confirm if East Peckham is near Tunbridge in East Sussex???

Dot Hall of Australia

Noel Lynch said...

Yes, East Peckham is near Tunbridge in East Sussex.
Unfortunately, the auction has closed which would be why the link does not work.
I'm sorry not to be able to help as I was just the auctioneer and did not calatogue it.