Saturday, 22 December 2007

$20m auction deal won on rock, paper, scissors game.

Britain's New Scientist magazine has announced
the strategy most likely to win a game of rock, paper,
scissors -- throw scissors first. The magazine said
research shows that rock is considered the post popular
choice in the game, so an opponent is likely to start
with paper, assuming that rock will be the first move
thrown, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

The publication offered alternate strategies for if the game
continues past the first round. "You could try the double
bluff, where you tell your opponent what you are going to
throw -- then do it," New Scientist said. "No one believes
you'll do it, so they won't play the throw that beats the
throw you are playing."

The Telegraph said the scissors-first approach helped auction house Christie's defeat rival house Sotheby's for a $20 million deal in 2005.

Representatives of Christie's, on the advice of an 11-year-
old girl, threw scissors against the Sotheby's team, which
threw paper. The two houses were instructed to face one
another in the game by a Japanese art collector who could
not decide which auction service to use.

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