Friday, 11 April 2014

History of Auctions

History of Auctions

from Ancient Babylon to Internet Auction.

Noel Lynch has conducted over 2,000 auctions and has had a life-long interest in the history of auctions and auctioneering.

His amusing and informative talk starts with Ancient Babylon in
 500 b.c. and takes in:

·       The biggest auction ever, when the Roman Empire was auctioned in 192 a.d.
·       Roman auctioneering and the auctioneering activity of Caligula.
·       The first known auctioneer discovered in Pompeii.
·       Auctioneering in France & China during Medieval times.
·       Early English laws regulating auctions.
·       The origin of the big auction companies – Sotheby, Christies etc.
·       Slave auctions.
·       Tobacco auctions – the fastest speakers in the world.
·       Different types of auctions – Auction by Candle, silent auctions, Dutch auctions, auctions by shout out, handshake auctions etc.
·       Modern auctions, Internet auctions, eBay and its history etc.
·       Weird things that have come up for auction or are about to come up.

The talk ends with questions from the floor and discussion.

Noel Lynch has conducted over 2,000 auctions including antiques, auctions, book auctions, coin  and stamp auctions, football program auctions, gold auctions, livestock auctions, letting auctions, property auctions and charity auctions.
He is available for lectures or freelance auctioneering and can be contacted at:  The Green Room, 192 Archway Road, London N6 5bb
Phone 07961 44 1722 or 020 8340 7759 E-mail

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