Friday, 6 July 2007

*Charlie Chaplin’s Camera for auction.

Movie buffs: If you've got about 200 grand burning a hole in your pocket, head over to Christies on July 25th for your shot to own a piece of cinema history. On that day, Christies will be auctioning off Charlie Chaplin's own camera.

The Bell and Howell 2709 model originally sold for $2,000. This was, in 1918, a state-of-the-art hand-cranked 35mm camera. Chaplin bought the camera shortly after founding Chaplin Studios with his brother. The studio owned three others, but this is the one personally bought by the famous film maker and star.

There is very good chance this camera was used on classics like 'The Kid' (1921), 'The Gold Rush' (1924), 'City Lights' (1931), and the masterpiece 'Modern Times' (1936).

The auction includes the camera, a variety of lenses, a side-mounted view finder, wooden legs, a pan-and-tilt head, and 4 "Mickey Mouse Ear" style film magazines.

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