Tuesday, 3 July 2007

*South Eastern Auctions.

Conducted my favourite auction on Sunday at South Eastern Auctions in East Peckham. It was a good, well attended auction with 767 lots.

Here is a random sample of the results: Masonic Watch £40. Prince of Wales Medallion £12. Tonsil Guillotine £12. Seed Distributor £50. Bikers Racing Suite £215. Water Scooter £45. Solitaire Diamond Ring £25. There were quite a few engagement rings in the auction but no wedding rings. Odd that! Kids Roll Top Desk £35 – a great bargain. Half set of brand new Golf Clubs in bag £8. Sold about a dozen of those. One set of bagpipes went for £22 but another set made £230, while a violin made £45 and an accordion made £15. That reminded me that Oscar Wilde’s definition of a gentleman was “someone who can play the accordion – but doesn’t”

It was around this time in the auction that I noticed a wife commandeering the bidding paddle and sitting on it to stop her husband bidding. As always, the auction proceeded and a brisk and good humoured pace.

You can see the SEAL website at www.southeasternauctions.co.uk
Next auction is August 5th.

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