Sunday, 4 May 2008


Readers may have noticed a drop-off in postings over the last month or so. This was because, as Coordinator of the London Green Party, I was heavily involved in organising the campaign for the London Assembly.

In 2000, 180,000 votes won us three seats in the 25 seat Assembly. This time, we increased our vote to 203,465 but it was only good enough for two seats. We were just 24,409 short for my seat. Really frustrating!!

I am proud to have been part of what was our best campaign ever. We stood a full slate for the 25 seats and the Mayor. This alone was a considerable logistical and financial operation. I was on the board of London Green News. We published two editions with a print run of 510,000 as well as 600,000 campaign leaflets plus manifestos, mini manifestos, posters etc. The distribution of that lot took a lot of planning and implementation! Our TV broadcast was well received and our media hits were considerable.

I was also involved in the fundraising committee which raised the needed £100,000. This, also took a lot of advance planning. We came out of the election, without debts, probably for the first time ever.

Ah well, back to normal.

ANYONE KNOW OF ANY AUCTIONEER JOBS, OUT THERE? Seeing that I will not now be a high paid Assembly Member, I desperately need to earn a living.

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