Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Hitler China for Auction

The china set was made by Hutschenreuther, a family firm, in a classic 1930s flo-blue style with gold edging, Nordic signs and a north-star pattern.

It was believed to have been used on board the SS Albert Ballin, built by Blohm and Voss, Hamburg, in 1922 for the Hamburg-American Line.

All the plates and dishes carry the symbol of the “Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler” (LAH), the name of the elite guard, in elaborate gold lettering.

The items are being sold at Henry Aldridge and Son auctioneers in Devizes, Wilts, on May 17, for an estimated £1,000.

Andrew Aldridge said: “They turned up just a few miles from us here and the vendor has no idea how he came by them.

“Hitler’s personal guards - the best of the best - travelled incognito on the ships in case there were any attacks by communists or subversive elements.

“They had the best of everything including their china that included the items we have for sale.

“Some would have posed as crew and others as passengers - they were the equivalent of air marshalls.

“And they would have used these items in their own quarters, so no one would have seen them.

“Collectors of marine memorabilia and second world war memorabilia will be interested so there is a cross over which will help them sell.”

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Butch said...

I have a plate that my father got out of Hitlers Bunker after the raid. I have no idea what it is worth or if it is of ant value to anyone. He said he was using it as an ashtray during of just after the raid and decided to keep it.

Noel Lynch said...

Hard to give an estimate of the value without seeing it or knowing the strength of the provenance.

I would estimate between £20 and £200.