Friday, 1 June 2007

*$100 Million Skull

Damien Hirst has put a diamond-encrusted skull on exhibition at The White Cube Gallery for $100,000,000. If sold, this will be the most expensive piece of sculpture ever sold. Far higher that anything sold in auction.

The skull is life sized, made in platinum and studded with 8,601 diamonds weighing 1,106 carats. It is believed that it cost the artist $20m dollars to make. An $8 million diamond decorates the crown.

The title of the piece is ‘For the Love of God’ and will be on view in the Hoxton Gallery from June 3rd.

Other works by the artist are include in the exhibition with an estimated value of over £200 million.

Damien Hirst has amassed a fortune estimated at £130M. According to the Sunday Times Rich List he is the UK‘s biggest earner of any artist, living or dead!

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