Friday, 1 June 2007

*$500,000 sold in Jackson auction.

Yesterday was the first day of the two sale of Jackson family memorabilia at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.The sale was caused by unpaid storage bills.

The owner of the storage company is quoted as being satisfied with the result.
Among the items sold was Michael Jackson’s black military-style coat , which sold went for $24,000 and his MTV music award for song We Are The World which went for $16,000.

However, there were some great bargains to be had: A platinum record for Jackson’s hit song Billie-Jean went for $100 and a copy of the contract for Jackson's purchase of his Californian ranch Neverland in 1987 went for $100.

I wish I had been there, I could have got more than that in our charity shop – The Green Room or in any auction that I conducted.

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