Monday, 18 June 2007

*Niche auctions

Most auctioneers have specialities, but the most unusual niche auctions must surely be those conducted by David Norton of Michigan.
They conduct auctions of haunted house installations. In their latest auction was:

“The Crypt”
800 sq. ft. detailed Haunted House complete with Facade, Wall Panels,Skeleton Panels, Scenic Lights, Electric Harness, Sound System, Camo Net Animations, Strobes, Fogger, Miscellaneous items. This is a modular unit that can be set-up anywhere. Can be taken down in just hours and will fit in a 24’ box truck! Unit will be set-up and in full operation for auction. Buyer will be given one week for removal.Take down, delivery, and/or storage of unit is available.

Read an interview with David here:

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